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The Camera

Setting correct time

It is also important that the camera time matches the local time. Using the GoPro app you can configure this under the camera setting by clicking “Set Date and Time”.
Turning on "Beeps"
You can turn on sound (beep) to indicate key actions on the camera (when a capture is started or stopped, the camera is turned on or off, etc.).
This is a particularly useful setting with the camera mounted on your pack (especially when the battery runs out) -- so you don’t continue trekking, to realise the camera has stopped shooting.


Waterproofing (rain)
Whilst the GoPro MAX is waterproof, rain poses a problem. It won’t damage the camera, however, even in light rain showers droplets will form on the lens. Not only are these visible in the photos, raindrops also cause issues with the camera's ability to focus correctly leading to blurred photos.
If you want to use the camera underwater, see the Dive Pack.
The 256GB memory card should hold around 100,000 photos / 10 hours of video. You shouldn’t need to worry about space running out if you’re shooting photos alone (the battery will be more of an issue).
If you are using a smaller memory card, beware, it can quickly fill up in video mode.
You’ll be able to see the available photo capacity on the LCD screen on the camera or in the app.
A word of warning; just deleting photos from the SD cards will not delete them entirely. The SD cards have a hidden .trashes folder which stores a copy of the deleted photos (useful for recovery).
To permanently delete the .trashes folder and free up the space, you can insert the SD cards into your computer (using the USB adaptor supplied) and selecting “Empty trash” on your computer (the same “Empty trash” function you would use to delete files locally).

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