Hello, why we built this...

A Quick Hello

Hello, Trekker!
Your brand-spanking new Trek Pack v2 is here and ready to start capturing stunning panoramic photos.
We’ve put together this document to help you set up your Pack and start shooting with it.
Before we begin, I wanted to say a big thank-you to you for getting behind Trek View, whether you’ve purchased this Pack and in-turn helped to fund our work, or are loaning it to help us capture more locations around the world.
p.s we’re on Facebook and Instagram too:
Now, get out and explore the world!
-- David Greenwood Trek View Founder


Some of you will have already seen our Trek Pack v1. A few of you reading this probably own one too.
Our v1's have covered over 100,000 of kilometers.
At the end of 2019 GoPro launched the successor to their Fusion camera (used on the v1), the MAX. Since its release we've been busy testing its functionality and performance.
We're now confident the GoPro MAX is the best consumer camera for outdoor tour photography based on its price, durability, extendability, and availability of accessories. As such, the Trek Pack v2 is now fitted with the GoPro MAX.
We've made a few small improvements based on feedback and lessons learned from trekkers shooting with the v1 pack.
We hope you like them...
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