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Kit Overview

What's in the box, what it looks like...

What’s in the Box

  • 1x GoPro Fusion Camera (inc. case and fabric lens cloth)
    • Since discontinued.
  • 2x GoPro Fusion Batteries
    • Available to buy here.
  • 1x Backpack
  • 1x Monopod
  • 2x 64GB MicroSD cards
    • Available to buy here.
  • 1x MicroSD USB reader
    • Available to buy here.
  • 1x USC-A to USB-C cable
    • Available to buy here.


The camera is ready to be used immediately. The battery has been fully charged and SD cards inserted.
Before shooting we recommend you familiarise yourself with the camera by reading this section. It is likely you will need to tweak the camera settings before shooting.
The front of the camera is the side with the screen (shown on the left in the image above).
Turn the camera on by holding down the “Mode” button on the side of the camera.
You can turn the camera off in the same way by holding down the “Mode” button.