Tours are collections of sequences that have been curated by their owner. Browse others' tours or create one using your own sequences...


Depending on how you shot your imagery, it is likely you will have a number of sequences with some relationship to a location.

For example, if you take photos of a local park as a series of individual time lapses (e.g. one timelapse per path in the path). In this situation, the Sequences are all related and it makes sense to group them together under the name of the park. This is what you can do with Tours


To create new Tours:

1. Select create

MTP Create tour

Go the Tours page when logged in and select the button "Create Tour".

2. Add Tour metadata

MTP Create Tour

You need to add some information to create a Tour. This data makes it easier for you to manage your Tours on Map the Paths and for other users to discover them.

3. Add Sequences to Tour

MTP Add Sequences to Tour

To add the Sequences to the Tour, click the "Add Sequence" button.

MTP Add Selected Sequences to Tour

You can only add Sequences you've created and imported to Map the Paths.

Filter sequences shown using the filter in the left sidebar.

To add a Sequence to this Tour, click the "Add to Tour" button.

A Sequence can be added to a Tour once. A Sequence can be added to multiple Tours.

Your Tour will be automatically published after the first Sequence is added.

You can continue to add Sequences to the Tour in this view.

4. Manage Tour

MTP Tour List

Once published, your Tour will can now be discovered by users in the Tour search.

MTP View Tour

When a Tour is clicked, it will show a list of Sequences that belong to it.

If you are logged in, and own the Tour, you can click the edit button to make changes to the Tour information, the Sequences that belong to that Tour, or unpublish it so that others cannot view it.