Map the Paths is a web app that allows you to manage and share your street-level map imagery.


  • Photos: Photos are street-level images that belong to a Sequence

  • Sequences: Sequences are collections of images continuously captured by a user at a give time. Browse those created by others, or import your own from Mapillary.

  • Tours: Tours are collections of sequences that have been curated by their owner. Browse others' tours or create one using your own sequences.

  • Guidebooks: Create a guidebook of street-level photos to show people around a location. View others people have created to help plan your next adventure.

  • Challenges: Help make better maps by contributing to challenges with specific requests for imagery.

  • Leaderboards: See who is topping the leaderboards for Sequences imported and Viewpoints -- both all time and challenge specific -- to see where you place in the rankings.

  • Hire: Find paid help for image collection projects to create fresh street level map data in locations where it's needed for Google Street View, Mapillary, and more...

  • API: Integrate your own app with Map the Paths...

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