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MTP Relationships

Core Concepts


Leaderboards give users points based on their imagery synced to Map the Paths.

  • Leaderboards have three types

    • Photos uploaded (by user): counts number of photos uploaded by user

    • Viewpoints received (by user): counts number of viewpoints users photos have received

    • Distance mapped (by users): counts the sum of kilometres covered by users Sequences

  • Leaderboards have filters

    • By transport type (parent/child)

    • By camera make (make/model)

    • By date

  • Leaderboards can be

    • Global: considers all photos and has filters any user can modify

    • Challenges: are fixed and related to settings defined when challenge was created (no filters for user)


A challenge encourages user to capture photos in a defined location, and/or using a defined transport type, and/or using a defined camera over a defined time period.


Any user can create a for hire listing to promote their paid street-level mapping services.

Hire listings are owned by user, but have no relationship to any other objects.