Map the Paths Desktop Uploader is a desktop app that allows you to manage and upload your street-level map imagery.


MTPDU sequence list
  • Works with 360 and standard (flat) photos

  • Add metadata to sequence for easy management and discovery (name, description, tags)

  • Convert video to photo frames

  • Geotag images using .gpx track file

  • Define photo spacing

  • Modify photo GPS information (position and heading)

  • Add a nadir

  • Add copyright information

  • Upload to web platforms

    • Map the Paths Web

    • Mapillary

    • Google Street View (360 images only)

    • Strava (.gpx, must be on supported transport method)

    • Developer? Add your own...

Download Now

Download the latest version of Desktop Uploader on Map the Paths here.

Getting Started

Installed and ready to go? Check out the user guide.


Having problems? Ask a question around the Campfire (our community forum).


See the developer docs that we've written to help developers understand the logic and function of the Map the Paths Desktop Uploader.