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User Management


To create an account user can use Google account (OAuth Social login).
User just needs to define a username (unique) between 7-20 chars (A-Z,1-9,"-") once they have granted Explorer permissions to their respective accounts.
User cannot modify username once created on registration.
Account is only created once username successfully entered.
The app only takes users email address information that is registered with Google or Facebook (and this is only to be used for communication).
Once account created, user can perform all actions in app.

Account management

User can not change any details associate with their account (although they can see the data held).
User can also completely delete their account. User can only delete account when all processing (upload and integrations) are complete. When user deletes account, user record and all sequence data from DB and S3 removed -- the action will essentially trigger the delete sequence function for all sequences owned by that user.


User can upgrade to Premium plan by requesting upgrade from staff (using upgrade buttons in app which sends email to staff users).
Staff can mark user account as free or premium.
Premium features are defined in these guides.