Sequences are the core concept of Map the Paths.


Generally speaking a sequence moves through 3 stages:
  • ​Create: user selects details/files for sequence
  • ​Upload: user files uploaded
  • ​Process: user files processed into expected app format and stored in DB
  • View: user can view/explore their own/other users content
  • Publish: user shares to other services (e.g. Google Street View)

Sequence states

At a high level the sequence goes through the following steps
Sequence State
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User has created the Sequence metadata in UI
Client side check in progress
As user hits upload, a series of client side checks are performed to ensure the content meets what is expected.
Client side check failed
One or more of the client side checks on images/video has failed.
Upload in progress
If client side check completed successfully upload starts. At this stage a sequences is only temporary as the file(s) are uploaded to S3
Upload successful
All images/video part expected have been successfully uploaded to S3.
Upload failed
This occurs if final upload count does not equal calculated upload count. It can happen if a user abandons sequence creation or there are network connectivity issues. The content from these partially uploaded sequences will be automatically deleted within 2 hours (from S3), but DB record will remain to advise user.
Upload processing
Once upload is successful sequence enters processing state (may not be immediate as queuing can occur), during which time a number of actions are performed on the files described in the processing steps.
Upload processing failed
If an error occurs during processing, sequence enters this state
Upload processed
When processing is complete, the sequence enters upload complete and now a user is free to make modifications to content in the UI.
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