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EXIFtool commands for creating bad tests

Some sample exiftool commands for embedding bad metadata into images

Image files (jpg)

Change camera make to non-gopro

exiftool -IFD0:Make="Not GoPro" IMAGE.jpg

Change camera model to non-gopro

exiftool -IFD0:Model="Not GoPro" IMAGE.jpg

Add GPano stitching software

exiftool -XMP-GPano:StitchingSoftware="Foo" IMAGE.jpg

Add GPano projection type value

exiftool -XMP-GPano:ProjectionType="Bar" IMAGE.jpg

Video files (360 + mp4)

Remove stitching software +projection type

exiftool -XMP-GSpherical:StitchingSoftware="" VIDEO.mp4
Note, this will destroy all XMP GSpherical tags, so don't need to pass projectiontype command to delete

Add stitching software + projection type

First install spatial-media repo
$ git clone
$ cd spatial-media
# next line only if you use pyenv
$ pyenv local 2.X.X
$ python spatialmedia -i INPUT.MP4 OUTPUT.MP4
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